So you've gone through our Intro to Welding workshop and you're ready for the next step. You know the difference between MIG & TIG, and you're ready to hone in on your specific style. For you, it's MIG.

Maybe you already understand welding and were just waiting for the Basic MIG workshop to come around. Either way, we'll get you going and before you know it, you'll be chopping frames and welding on tail loops like no one’s business! 

You'll be back in the Standard Moto co-op workshop with Cody again going through the Basics of MIG welding in this workshop. More in-depth than Intro to Welding and with much more hands-on. You’ll learn how to properly stick two pieces of metal together. (Don't worry, making it look good comes later!)


Individual Classes | $150/class

Welding Basics + MIG or TIG Basic, Intermediate & Advanced | $140/class

Welding Basics + MIG & TIG Basic, Intermediate & Advanced | $130/class

NOTE : Submit the form below and we'll get right back to with payment and further registration details. Also, Co-op Members receive a 10% discount on classes. 


  • PRACTICAL TACKS: How to not burn yourself, where to tack, anticipating material pull.
  • PRACTICAL WELDING: Get comfortable with downhill vertical welding inside corners.
  • FIXING F#CK UPS: Let’s face it, it’s going to happen. Here’s how to break it apart and start over or make it disappear so they're none the wiser.
  • CLEANING YOUR WELDS: Basic prep for paint, cleaning spatter, touch up without going nuts (bad grinding looks worse than bad welding).
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