Planishing (from the Latin planus, "flat") is a metalworking technique that involves finishing the surface by finely shaping and smoothing sheet metal. This is done by hammering with a planishing panel hammer or slapper file against a shaped surface called a planishing stake, held in a vice or a mounting hole in a blacksmith's beak anvil, or against hand-held, shaped, metal tools known as Dollies or Anvils.

Don't worry, you don't have to learn Latin to be good with a Planishing Hammer. You need only to take the Planishing Hammer workshop at Standard Motorcycle Co. with Marlowe from Rusted Jalopy learning the ins and outs of these two awesome tools!


Individual Classes | $150/class

Intro to Metal Shaping + 3 Tool Electives | $140/class

Intro to Metal Shaping + All 6 Tool Electives | $130/class

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  • History & Theory
  • Different Types, Shapes & Sizes
  • Practical Applications
  • Usage
  • Tips & Tricks
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