With Intro to Metal Shaping behind you, you're ready to tackle each individual metal shapers tool in our six workshop course schedule. By the time you finish, you'll be banging out everything from fenders to fairings!

The English Wheel is a forming machine that works by surface stretching sheet material and is related in action to panel beating. After beating or shrinking and stretching your material, you smooth it out with the English Wheel. The process is called wheeling and while it can nip you in the fingers, it's really not all that hard to use. You just have to take the time to learn.

In the next workshop in our Metal Shaping series, you'll be back at it in the co-op garage with Marlowe from Rusted Jalopy learning the ins and outs of the English Wheel.


Individual Classes | $150/class

Intro to Metal Shaping + 3 Tool Electives | $140/class

Intro to Metal Shaping + All 6 Tool Electives | $130/class

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  • History & Theory
  • Different Types, Shapes & Sizes
  • Practical Applications
  • Usage
  • Tips & Tricks
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