The last and final workshop in our Metal Shaping series is Hand Finishing. The reason we've put this last, where some would put it first, is because in order to truly understand how metal moves you need to understand the machinery and the impact each tool has on your work surface.

Hand shaping is the final step in creating a hand-made piece and requires a holistic view of metal shaping in order to best perform it. With Marlowe Buelvas of Rusted Jalopy's help, you can take your metal shaping from a craft level to artisan.


Individual Classes | $150/class

Intro to Metal Shaping + 3 Tool Electives | $140/class

Intro to Metal Shaping + All 6 Tool Electives | $130/class

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  • History & Theory
  • Different Types, Shapes & Sizes
  • Practical Applications
  • Usage
  • Tips & Tricks
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