When it comes to the wheels on your motorcycle you would agree they're pretty important, right? Us too. Which is why we're teaching a class on how to build them!

Wheel building, like exhaust fabrication or wiring, is one of those areas of motorcycling that that really benefits from hands-on training. It's not that it's complex, it's just time-consuming and requires repetition to get it right. Which requires patience. And believe us, the process does. It can get pretty frustrating after you've taken a wheel back apart for the third time because you can't get the spokes laced up properly.

Fortunately for you, we've got Martin Milanese an accomplished racer, tuner and garage owner in our corner. In Wheel Building & Truing Martin will show you how to take a bag of spokes and a fresh new wheel (or an old one!) and make it roll with your hubs and tires.


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  • Proper disassembly of an old wheel
  • Sourcing proper spoke sets
  • Setting up your wheel truing station
  • Installing the spokes
  • Setting spoke tension
  • Truing
  • Balancing
  • Tire mounting
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