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We believe that education is paramount to the growth of the DIY motorcycle movement. In our small corner of the world, through fun and engaging small group workshops, we nourish minds and fulfill curiosities.  The SMC Crew will host small-group workshops covering everything from use of setting up your home garage to hand-tools to fabricating equipment, basic repairs to the advanced, and a myriad of things motorcycle related in between.

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Whether you're a novice or an accomplished mechanic, fabricator or the like, there are classes for you at the SMC Co-op. As a novice, every question you have can be answered. The only limiting factor as a member is your willingness to engage and ask. As an accomplished fabricator, there's a place for you, too. In keeping true to our Bohemian nature, we will rely on those who are skilled to come forward and share their skills with others. Members teaching members, all learning and appreciating one another for their respective talents.


In addition, by leveraging our resources and industry reach, SMC will offer a unique experience no where else available in the industry. Specialized classes with industry professionals will be a regular occurrence. Members will be able to partake in small group classes with industry professionals who are flown in from every corner of the globe. A design theory class with Roland Sands, a suspension theory class taught by Kevin Dunworth or metal fabrication by Marlowe of Rusted Jalopy are only a few of the courses we have lined up in our Master Sessions for 2016.