The Standard Dispatch | August 2017


Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

We're proud to partner with a company that cares about motorcycling and the safety of motorcyclists as much as Progressive. To help get the word out, they've asked us to produce a few short videos to exemplify how this company is embracing motorcycle culture and offering custom plans for motorcyclists of all types. Keep an eye out for the goods!


Earlier this year we joined forces with our friends at Motul USA to share all the feels for "good" oil with our members. But don't take our word for it that Motul is the best stuff on Earth, here's one of our own, Mark Gutschalk. His biggest loves (after his wife Pam, of course!) are his Triumph Motorcycles. By day, Mark is a lead aviation mechanic for a very large airline, so that should give you an idea to his level of quality control and a requirement for excellence in products he uses.

Foxtail Coffee Co.

A favorite coffee shop around Orlando, we've partnered with Foxtail to build out a coffee shop INSIDE the co-op! Read on for more details below.

Exotic Car Trader

What happens when you mix a classic motorcycle with a hyper-exotic sports car? We partnered with Exotic Car Trader based out of Miami, FL, to see. Check it out below:

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If you haven't been by the shop recently, you'll be blown away by what we've accomplished in the past few months.

If you haven't been by the shop recently, you'll be blown away by what we've accomplished in the past few months.

Standard Motorcycle Co. is both proud and stoked to announce three great additions to our facility for both members and the general public to enjoy!

We carved this motorcycle co-op out of a warehouse. Recently, we’ve been rearranging the space to house some of our favorite non-motorcycle activities. We got the feeling that many people were missing out on the culture that the co-op provided because they didn’t ride. So with that in mind, Standard BARBER, Standard TATTOO, and Standard COFFEE were born! Each business will have its own unique space within Standard, but each is built on the same culture of community that we’ve grown.

Standard Barber Co. & Salon

Our brand new barber shop and salon is having its soft opening on August 22nd. We snagged one of Paul Mitchell’s finest, Trevor Moots, along with resident pop-up stylist, Kelsey Lenard to ensure your dome-piece is stylin’ and your beard is in check. The official opening will be in November at the Bazaar, but come get a sneak peak and enjoy a tasty beverage, a cut/color or a shave!

Standard Tattoo Co.

The next phase scheduled to be complete is the tattoo parlor, where we'll have two chairs available for any ink you desire (except bro-tats). More info to come...

The Foxtail Outpost at Standard

Our current coffee bar is getting some serious upgrades thanks to our friends at Foxtail Coffee Co. We're building this in two phases, the first being a totally redesigned self-serve coffee counter, and in a few short months a full-fledged coffee bar with a barista on staff!

Caffeine crashes and heart palpitations, here we come!


"Standard" Bike Nights at the Ace

If you want to feel the true extent of motorcycle enthusiasm in Orlando, look no further than Ace Cafe. People from all walks of life with bikes of all shapes and sizes come out to make friends, eat, drink, and gawk at the awesome rides. The 2nd Thursday of each month, Standard will be out in force with a booth in the parking lot and our resident mechanic will be ready with a lift offering complimentary safety inspections for anything with two (and sometimes three) wheels. We’ll also have music, merch, and a dog or two.

"Standard" Bike Nights at Cycle Gear

We'll be rocking the same setup on the 4th Thursday of each month at Orlando Cycle Gear. Hope to see you there next time!

*Thursday nights we will be closed at the Co-op as we’ll be out setting up the Standard booth for bike nights on the regular.

Ace Dog.jpg

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our calendar for reminders!


Check out some of our recent projects! We finished a kick-ass CB1100 that we built in partnership with Honda and Cycle World Magazine. This bike is currently on tour around the country, and you can help us fight pediatric brain tumors (and take home this bike) by entering the Ride for Kids Charity Raffle!

With an increase in both attendance and viewership of Flat Track Racing, Harley asked our own Jason Paul Michaels to build one of the first official Harley Hooligan bikes. Essentially, all that's left of the stock bike is the engine and neck of the frame. And it's a real ripper!

For more info, check out Roland Sands' interview with Jason.

Don't forget that our service department can handle everything from tire and cable changes to basic tune ups all the way through complete rebuilds!

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