The Standard Dispatch | April 2017


Motul Partnership & Oil Changes - Our little Co-op is beginning to get some national exposure and the attention of some large brands! We’re stoked to announce that MOTUL Oil has come on as an official partner of the co-op and to kick it off, they’re offering a FREE Motul oil change to all members of the co-op. If you haven’t already, please let us know the make and model of your bike so we can get your oil on order. Did we mention it’s FREE?!

INTERESTED in becoming a partner and support of Standard? Click the button below and let's get something going!

House of Operation - After reviewing our member traffic data we’ve decided to change our hours to 11AM - 8PM Tuesday through Friday remaining open late on Saturday until 10PM. When we looked at peak times, most members either came in during the day during the week or on Saturday night.

By us closing a little earlier during the week, it will enable us to become more of a part in the local community. Whether it’s art shows, bike nights or other cultural activities, we want to strengthen our presence in the local community so we can connect with new riders, or even those who haven’t ridden before.

*Thursday nights will be unassisted at the Co-op as we’ll be out in Orlando setting up the Standard booth for the various bike nights happening on the regular.


Lurkers Can Wrench NOW! - There’s a lot of you who have Lurker Memberships and we appreciate your support! As a thank you (and an interest that we can get you to tear your bikes apart and customize them more!) we’ve decided to give 3 hours of shop time per month to all of you. So come in, change your oil, your grips, or just put your bike on the lift and look at it, either way - just get in here and get to work!

Bring a Friend - We’re still trying to grow our membership. If you know someone with a motorcycle, bring them by! If they sign up and join, we’ll throw you a $25 bone on your next monthly bill as a thank you! Just talk to one of our staff members when you bring them by!

Volunteers Needed - As we continue to grow the need for support for events, things happening at the co-op and everything else that goes at Standard grows too. If you're interested in volunteering time please let one of our staff members know.


Weekly Events - In an effort to strengthen our regularly occurring events, we’ve decided to trim them back a bit. We’ve updated the website with a new events page that’s up to date! Keep an eye on what’s happening there and don’t miss out on all the fun we’re having!

The Sideshow - Back May 13th, bigger and better than ever. The 3rd Standard Sideshow is going to rock this little industrial complex. We’re hosting food trucks, live music, street vendors and everything else required to make a little industrial farmers market fun for the whole family as well as a private after-party at Ace Cafe Orlando!

Check out the Facebook event page for all the details (please share it with your friends!)



Workshops - We kicked off our new 2017 Workshop Schedule a few weeks ago with our introduction class, Pre-ride & Safety Inspections, and the feedback was incredible.

Because we care about all riders on the road and received such great feedback we’d like to offer all motorcyclist this free Pre-Ride & Safely workshop monthly on the 1st Monday. In addition, we’ve moved to a regular workshop schedule repeating on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. The full list of our workshops can be seen and registered for here.


Our Service Department is firing on all cylinders! Whether you’ve got simple things like tire and cable changes, basic tune ups or complete rebuilds, we can handle it! And don’t forget, members receive discounted hourly labor at $75/hr.

Got a custom project you need help with? Custom luggage racks, sissy bars, wheel building. You name it, we can do it!

Take a look at our two most recent projects, a Ducati Hyper and Yamaha XSR900 built to tackle the harsh conditions of Russia for two ship captains about to set sail for a two-year expedition voyage.


You’ve probably seen all the focus we’ve been putting on Flat Track racing lately. We’re working hard to get our race bikes built and on the track as well as a few members and we’d love it if you joined us!

Even if you’re not racing, just attending one can be a wonderful break from the monotony of life. Not too mention, a RUSH! Come to the pits and experience the throttle and thunder of precision and hooligan. Juxtaposition? Welcome to Flat Tracking!!

Family friendly and happening almost every other weekend in Florida, the Southern Dirt Track Association is the hub for everything grass roots motorcycle racing in the Sunshine State. Check out the full schedule here and if you’re interested, come talk to us about helping you build a bike so you can turn left, too.

It’s not hard, doesn’t cost a ton of money to race and we guarantee you’ll never have a bigger smile on your face after spending the day at the track!

Upcoming Races:

  • April 29th, Original Speedway Park, Fruitland Park
  • May 13th, Dirt Devils Speedway, Land O’ Lakes
  • June 17th, Marion County Speedway, Ocala
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