Our motorcycle shop is the lifeblood of Standard, a non-stop hub of activity and gasoline.  We provide full end-to-end services for your motorcycle, including: DIY garage, full service maintenance and repair, educational workshops, custom bike builds, custom fabrication, and concierge bike storage.

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Rent daily or monthly workspace and wrench on your own motorcycle. We provide basic hand-tools, TIG welders, metal shaping equipment, lifts, and space to engage with your motorcycle. Change your oil, install new tires, re-jet your carbs, or weld on a new sub-frame. We'll give you the access and tools to maintain or heavily modify your bike.



Don’t have the time or expertise for some advanced repairs, and don't want to pay dealer rates? Our factory trained and certified technical team has you covered.

They're able to take care of general maintenance or even in-depth repair work, can install any accessories or custom parts. They're pretty rad to boot, which doesn't hurt. Just don’t try to take their picture. They hate that.



For those that want something more, we not only fabricate custom parts for your motorcycle, but will build you a completely custom bike, guaranteed to make you stand apart from the crowd. If you can dream it, we can build it.



With a constantly rotating inventory of bikes ranging from Sport Bikes to Cruisers to mild custom builds, we've got you covered when it comes to throwing your leg over an affordable, reliable motorcycle ready to be ridden and further customized by, you.



WORKSHOPS help educate Standard members on the operation and maintenance of their own machines.

BIKE STORAGE is helpful for those looking for an extra parking spot for the winter or permanently. For less the the price of a Craigslist spot, we'll cover your bike, hook it to a battery tender, give it fuel stabilizer, and ensure it'll be ready to ride when you want it.

TOWING & TRANSPORT can be stressful, which is why we've build great relationships with specialty companies to help move your bike securely across town or across country.