STANDARD is a Members-Only establishment focused on strengthening community through positive reinforcement, education and comradery.

Though we are a motorcycle shop, we’re so much more — with a focus on music and entertainment, health & wellness, food and beverage and anything else creative we’re bringing communities together nurturing growth and authentic experiences across interest groups.




Are you a local that digs the vibe and wants to support the cause but you’re not sure you want to commit? No worries, we’re down for a one night stand, sure. But this one’s on us. Join the club, meet the crew, become a part and after 60 days, love us or leave us.

Lounge, Facilities and Members-Only Donation Beverage Bar
Shop Labor
Shop Technical Support
Tire, Oil & Battery Disposal
Small Group Education Classes
Moto Parts
Retail Items
Salon Services
SIGT Event & Concert Tickets
Private Party & Event Space Bookings

FREE SMC Supporter Shop-rag
FREE SIGT Can Koozie

Memberships are easy.
We like, easy.

You fill out the form, we don't charge you anything; give you full-access to STANDARD, tons of hook-ups and encase you didn't hear us the first time — we don't charge you anything!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - The Crew