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Intermediate TIG Welding

  • Standard Motorcycle Co. 2545 Industrial Boulevard Orlando, FL, 32804 United States (map)

Despite what many think, metal shaping isn't a form of mysterious black magic. While it is an age old art that requires tremendous skill, with enough time and patience anyone can do it. Trust us. Don't take our word for it, take Marlowe's...

Marlowe Buelvas of Rusted Jalopy has been shaping metal his entire life. He's made everything from decor items that sit at the White House to signs that hang from some of the most prestigious hotels on Park Ave. He has built countless cars that have seen pebble beach and happens to know a thing or two about motorcycles.

Taught monthly in series, the first workshop is in our Metal Shaping workshop schedule is Intro to Metal Shaping. The first part is a seven-course series, Intro to Metal Shaping which will provide all of the fundamentals required to properly use metal shaping equipment. Which, BTW, are covered in all the subsequent workshops.


  • MACHINE ANATOMY: Breakdown and clean of your machine. Sharpening your tungsten, tungsten choices, tungsten sizing, cup sizing, diffuser choices, tungsten run out.
  • GAS COVERAGE: Understanding the basic principals of Argon and how to use it to your advantage.
  • MORE BASIC WELDING: Learn to tack with filler rod. Get the feel for burning into and out of filler rod tacks
  • ADDING ROD: When its nesscary to add rod and why. How to add rod without making a big mess.
  • HEAT DISPERAL: Planning your weld pattern and direction of travel to reduce warpage. Using a heatsink (alu/copper) to help maintain the piece.
  • LAYING DIMES PT 1: The beginner steps to making those nice “dimes” you see on #weldporn. Torch movement 101.

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Individual Classes : $120/class

Welding Basics + MIG or TIG Basic, Intermediate & Advanced : $110/class

Welding Basics + MIG & TIG Basic, Intermediate & Advanced :$100/class

NOTE : Co-op Members receive a 10% discount on classes.

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