$99.99/mo + 1x $25.00 setup fee

Welcome to liberation! You now have every tool to build the bike of your dreams. It's obvious you're into building bikes and are we. ALOT. Add, tweak, modify, and manifest all the ideas your heart components are firing off with our Builder level membership while enjoying the company of others and get access to more equipment and resources than you likely have to blow up your own garage with:



Lounge, Facilities and Members-Only Donation Beverage Bar
Co-op Garage Facility (UNLIMITED!)
Small Group Educational Classes
VIP Private SMC/SIGT Special Events

Shop Labor Rate ($85/hr)
Technical Support ($32.50/half hr)
Tire, Oil & Battery Disposal (FREE)
Small Group Education Classes (15% Off)
Moto Parts (15%)
Small Group Educational Classes (15% Off)
Retail Items (15% Off)
Barber & Salon Services + Products
SIGT Event & Concert Tickets (15% Off)
Private Party & Event Space Bookings (15% Off)

FREE SMC Builder T-shirt!
FREE Supporter Shop Rag OR Bandana
FREE SIGT GA Ticket (1 per/mo)
FREE SIGT VIP Ticket (1 per/mo)
FREE Coffee or Beverage (1 per/mo)
FREE Indian Cigar (1 per/mo)
FREE Access to Private Member Storage for Parts & Consumables
FREE Tire, Oil & Battery Disposal