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MAKE ‣ Kawasaki
YEAR ‣ 1972
MILEAGE ‣ 5,200
TITLE ‣ Clean, FL
PRICE ‣ $4,250.00

This sweet little KZ400 came to Standard in an unfinished state of mind. The crew assessed what she needed to be made road-worthy and gave her the love she needed! Not a full-blown frame-off ground-up custom, it’s got what the takes to get the job done. And has room left for further customization!

The wheels were broken down, hoops painted black and then re-laced and fitted with chunky Shinko nobby tires. It’s got a traditional British Style 7”, upgrade clutch and brake perches, retro translucent grips, the tachometer was deleted with the speedo relocated to the center, it has new cables, plugs and wires, and a modified wiring harness.

The front forks were rebuilt with new shocks on the rear from Dime City Cycles. The exhaust is custom built from stainless steel with a set of Cone Engineering mufflers. (SOUNDS AWESOME!) It’s got a custom Brat style seat with relocated electronics and a cat eye taillight under the loop.

The bike is currently located in Orlando, FL (Can be brought to NYC with of our regular deliveries) and can be seen from 11am-8pm 7 days a week. Text or Call Fast Nick at 904.662.1414 anytime for more information or to schedule an appointment to see the bike.

In addition, to repairing or replacing the below specific items, we’ve also completed our STANDARD multi-point inspection.

⋑ MOTUL Oil and K and N Filter
⋑ Shinko Knobby Front Tire on Factory Steel Wheels
⋑ Shinko Knobby r Rear Tire on Factory Mag Wheels
⋑ Front Progressive Springs
⋑ Rear Dime City Shocks
⋑ Relocated Gauge Cluster w/ Speedo Center-mounted
⋑ Custom Lowered Headlight Ears
⋑ Euro Bars w/ Retro Grips & Biltwell Throttle
⋑ Clutch & Brake Levers
⋑ 7” Headlight w/ Italian Bucket
⋑ Airbox Eliminated w/ K&N Filters
⋑ Mikuni Carburettors
⋑ Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust w/ Cone Engineering Megaphones
⋑ Custom Brown Leather Seat
⋑ Lith-ion Battery
⋑ Oil & Filter Change

STANDARD Multi-point Inspection:
⋑ Engine (oil level, lines, leaks, oil condition, mounting)
⋑ Cranking system (initial voltage, cranking RPM, cranking volts)
⋑ Charging system (current leakage, charging rate, diode pattern)
⋑ Ignition system (function, dwell)
⋑ Timing system (initial timing, advance timing, centrifugal)
⋑ Cylinder balance
⋑ Fuel system, lines, filter & Carbs
⋑ Vacuum
⋑ Battery + terminals and cables
⋑ Radiator, Hoses, and Caps
⋑ Cooling System (*If radiator present)
⋑ Air Cleaner
⋑ Spark plugs
⋑ Contact point/module (*If present)
⋑ Lighting system
⋑ Steering (oil level, leaks, oil condition)
⋑ Brake/Clutch (fluid level, leaks, fluid condition)
⋑ Tyres
⋑ Exhaust system
⋑ Suspension
⋑ Drive (chain & sprockets)
⋑ Engine (starting characteristics, acceleration, knocking, etc)
⋑ Clutch (clearance, function)
⋑ Transmission gear shift
⋑ Steering (operation, center position, free play, straight position)
⋑ Dash, Indicators, and Gauges